Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So there are many stages of being a "foodie".  There is the beginner foodie, where you have an interest in food just a tad above the basic need of satisfying hunger.  The next stage would be, adolescent foodie.  This is someone who asks you if you would like kosher salt, sea salt or regular- an expanded knowledge of food over the basic but not quite a true food expert.  

Then you come to the real "foodie". One who has at least 10 different salts, who knows you better make your French Laundry reservation 2 months in advance and be prepared to spend 4 hours on the most exciting eating experiences of your life. One who knows that prime can be more then a number, and to appreciate the reward that is realized from a pig nosing around in the forests of France!  

I consider myself to be a real foodie in the making.  I am a student, as well as a teacher in my quest of more knowledge.  I think I own at least 200 cookbooks, but still only use them as reference for I like to cook by taste, not by convention.  

SO here I am, writing my blog entry, hoping to encourage all walks of the foodie scale to chime in on their journey to figuring out the where, when and why of being a foodie. I plan on discussing everything from organics to genetically engineered food to get answers, explore options and situations.  The funny thing is I just don't know what the purpose is, other then an interest and thirst for learning. This isn't meant to be any kind of a political blog, just a way to communicate with others like us, voice our thoughts, ask our questions, get opinions and see what might be useable information for our quests to become a true "Foodie"!


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